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— The doctor doesn't open until 9 a.m., so I make a smoothie with frozen berries and the rest of the coconut water from yesterday. Looks like my busy weekend is going to turn into something much more low-key, but obviously I need to start listening to my body a little better. Once that's done, my boss tells me to get some rest. I impulse-buy a pair of black joggers I've been eyeing, two tubes of whitening toothpaste since I'm running low, and buy refrigerator poetry magnets as a gift for my boyfriend; he's mentioned wanting a set for his place. The total comes to , but I have in rewards points on my credit card. — Scrounge together another pathetic dinner of jarred cabbage and scrambled eggs.BF calls to see how I'm feeling, and we talk for a few minutes. We'll be celebrating our six-month anniversary next month. Since I don't really "need" any of these things, I use my points and the total comes to 84 cents! Make a mental note to recipe hunt and start making some real food.I consider the risk of eating mussels from a corporate cafeteria ... The salon is completely empty and the manicurist finishes in 20 minutes.I kill time drying my nails for longer than necessary because I'm not meeting the BF until 7. we don't have time for dinner beforehand; he buys a granola bar, and I snack on trail mix I took from work while we walk to the train. p.m. So happy we got to see it, and psyched we got the discount.

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He admits he's been feeling pressure from his family, and apologizes for rushing things along.I laugh it off and make a mental note to bring this up when we're not sitting in his living room with his parents and sister. p.m.— BF and I take his family dogs around Central Park for a walk.All I know is that if he successfully applies, he'll own an apartment in NYC for much, much less than if he buys it outright.He makes an offhand comment about us living there together someday; I don't know if it's just because I'm sick, but it throws me for an overwhelming loop.I also buy a coconut water () since I think I might also be dehydrated and can't stand the taste of Gatorade. — Head to our weekly staff meeting, where my boss tells me I look like I've been punched in the face. I need to be better about this, but for now, carrots will do. Semi-relieved to finally know what's been wrong with me for the past few weeks.