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The first time we got on camera, it was awkward, much like it is the first time you have sex with someone new.

I stayed mostly clothed, but I still felt unsure of what I should say (if anything), and I was definitely uncomfortable with him seeing me in such an intimate moment in broad daylight before we had even fooled around IRL, so I followed his lead.

He made me feel sexy, turned on, and surprisingly comfortable. I freaked out; it was the middle of the day, and we still hadn’t met face-to-face since that first night at the bar.

Plus, I had never tried cybersex or even thought much about it before.

I was excited and nervous at the same time — I kept thinking, Throughout all of this, while he was constantly pushing to talk to me over text, he never made the commitment to see me in person, and he blew me off regularly.

Should I have ended it and gone running when he pushed it to that point after I told him to slow down? Didn’t he seem like a creep who was out to see how far he could push me? Trust me, I saw the red flags, but I loved hearing from Lucas.

After two (agonizing) months, Lucas and I finally got together.However, with the fun, connectedness, and comfort that came with cybersex and beyond, there were a few situation-specific negative outcomes that caused more harm that those on-screen encounters were worth.We hadn’t discussed our feelings before jumping into cybersex — which is something I would have definitely done had we been having sex IRL — and I grew attached to something that wasn’t real.But again, something about his X-rated requests intrigued me.He was so sexy, I was pretty sure it didn’t matter if we were in the same room or a thousand miles apart — this guy could make me orgasm.Before I even got home that night, he started texting me, and within a few days, he tried to switch our digital conversations from sweet to sexual: “When we go to the movies, can you wear a skirt?