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When it ships, Word 12 will allow users to directly export PDF files without going through a printer driver — a feature that should eventually alleviate some current headaches.Simply using the proper design-oriented software doesn’t guarantee print-perfect PDF files.If it cannot find them there, and the font settings are set to something other than “cancel” the job if fonts cannot be embedded, then the PDF file will be created without them.Font embedding is user selectable from the print or PDF export settings in Quark XPress, but In Design and Illustrator force inclusion of fonts for PDF export.Even if the PDF creation tool is set to embed them, Open Type and True Type fonts can be restricted to disallow embedding of any kind.While very few modern font foundries would offer such fonts, fonts acquired in the late 1990s, such as those packaged with Corel Draw, might include this restriction.So when you create a Word document with your desktop printer set up as the default, the text in the file is set up to output at that printer’s resolution, usually 600 dpi.

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While font foundries have different rules for the exchange of their products (based on the license agreement that we usually glibly “agree” to so we can install the font), the typical agreement allows fonts to be sent along with a job for print output, but the output provider also must have a license to use that font.Some applications will not allow the user to place restricted fonts in a layout (the Mac version of Quark Xpress 6.5 and 7, for example).Others (such as In Design CS) will warn that the font cannot be embedded in a PDF file.If fonts are not embedded, there are two options for font preview and print.Acrobat or Reader can use the Adobe Multiple Master font that installs with the application to simulate the missing font for preview and print.On the Windows platform, when a PDF file is created through an Adobe Post Script printer driver, True Type fonts can be handled in one of five different ways, depending on the option selected in the “send fonts as” or “True Type download” dialog (where this dialog can be found varies depending on the version of Windows used.) A True Type font can be converted to the Type 1 equivalent, sent as Type 42 (native True Type), converted to outlines, converted to bitmaps, or not included at all.