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It took us years to teach my son NOT to pee in bed.

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Sometimes we got chocolate milk at the Woodwards food floor and I remember blowing bubbles in it until it almost spilled over.

Taking my own kids when they were little was a great adventure.

The Reception and welcome lobby have also been totally revamped.

This coupled with a committed new management team have resulted in the resort winning a coveted RCI Gold Crown in 2015 for the first time in over 20 years.

When he was eight years old, Stelly's birth parents were unable to continue raising him and he was adopted by Outlook III since he had shown lots of promise.

When Sabo was brought home by his father, Stelly introduced himself to him.

The importance of really knowing the community you serve is something I learned in part from him. What role do you see EPL playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton?

He was tough, and private, but loved his work and knew everyone in the neighbourhood.It's often been a place where we meet people who aren't like us and where every demographic is represented.There are very few other institutions where this happens.Sabo grabbed Stelly's shirt and demanded him to tell him everything.Stelly then told Sabo about an impending visit from a World Noble and plans to burn the Gray Terminal to make the kingdom clean of trash.Like most Nobles shown from the Goa Kingdom, he is an arrogant person who does not care for anyone that is of lesser status than himself, referring to them as trash.