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Slack admins: Be very wary of applications that ask you for your API [email protected] @rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder yeah it would be awesome to unbundle the permissions or any way to make them less 'scary' for users to accept.

This is why we have created Hamster Pad, the social network for chats.It would also be awesome if there was a place in the Slack Oauth where we could write out specifically why we are asking for the permissions we are asking for.We are all about being as transparent as possible, I would hate for someone to not want to use Hamster Pad because they get scared off by [email protected] @rrhoover yea totally agree, explored it a bit now and I think the social layer is killer. Social networks dethroned chat as the number one way to socialize online.I'm curious if Slack builds something like this in-house. I love Hamster Pad but when initially trying to set up some chats I'm a part of the permissions that are requested include 'Accessing all information from the Slack', 'Administering your team' and others of that nature. I understand that unfortunately this is down to Slack's bundling of permissions and I think they will break this up soon, especially with the increase of integrations/bots using Slack and appearing on the Slack App Directory.They're so focused on companies (and have tons of opportunity to grow into large enterprises), so this probably isn't a focus of theirs, at least not for the next year but cc'ing a few people that know ๐Ÿ˜‰ @stewart @buster @aunder. Permissions can be make or break for a user to use a particular service.Slackin is great for some use cases but this helps the social side of Slack, really helps communities In the early days of the internet, before the i Phone, e Bay, and even Harry Potter, chatrooms were king. Suddenly people had profiles, friends, interests, pictures. Hundreds of thousands of chatrooms have been created in the past couple years, with millions of people having real time conversations in them every day. These chats arenโ€™t just companies talking to each other either.