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Women are left with two undesirable options: deadbeats (whose numbers are rising) and playboys (whose power is growing). "Across the United States today," he writes, "young women are much more likely to graduate from college than their male peers, a trend that's been compounding itself for a few decades now." When you take into account the fact that college graduates overwhelmingly tend to date other college graduates, you find yourself with an enormous imbalance in the national dating pool.

The ridge is in effect a long rift zone of mountains, volcanoes, and faulted plateaus.

It's a subject The Atlantic knows well - Kate Bolick wrote a piece called "All the Single Ladies" back in November 2011 that promptly went viral.

In the article, Bolick argues that an eruption of male joblessness and a sharp decline in men's life prospects have have disturbed the "romantic market" in ways that significantly limit a marriage-minded woman's options.

is, generally speaking, S-shaped and narrow in relation to its length.

The area of the Atlantic without its dependent seas is approximately 31,830,000 square miles (82,440,000 square km), and with them its area is about 41,100,000 square miles (106,460,000 square km).