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Avira not updating windows 7

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Kasperksy anti-virus has good capability of detection ,infact has a good fast detection but the removel and the self-defence of kaspersky is very weak and cannot provide satisfactory protection when virus like autorun executed because sometime infected self and the virus spread rapidly but the kasper internet security is very excellent .........Maximum protection from Harmful website and Ad.s ware On the contrary mbsamart, I think you should leave Windows Defender running, as kaspersky doesn't catch many spyware related items, especially the lower end ones like cookies and certain malware.In this case there is no point in having two similar applications running at the same time, both of them consuming system resources.This is why disabling Windows Defender can be a good idea.

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after trying dozens of free options the best i came up with was avast. don;t know if they still are that way but was the answer a couple years ago.I was fixing up someone's computer two nights ago (Vista Home) and this thing was too busy blocking Peerguardian and AVG while letting malwares roam free like horses on acid. If you notice some slow-downs, then disable Windows Defender and leave only Kaspersky turned on. I installed Mc Afee and I am getting an error message at startup about Defender (cannot initialize). Since I installed Mcafee Security, I have been getting an error message code Ox800106a and windows defender fails to initiate. last nite i got prompt notification that my pc have spyware threat. But when I enable defender it gives the error right away after restarting my computer and wont allow me to access defender not unless I uninstall the PMB. If you still have issues and Picture Motion Browser works fine with Windows Defender disabled, then keep it disabled and use other anti-spyware programs. i am using avira for a year now and i must say that it's a 1000 times than windows defender, windows defender was turned on for 3 years and i havent got a single notification during that time when i scanned with avira and malwarebytes my computer turned out to be nearly full with spyware and stuff so defender doesnt catch sh!When I try to launch Defender to disable it, I get this error message. I am assuming that maybe Mc Afee has disabled the program on it's own. after that, my pc keep prompt me with notification saying my pc need to remove the threat by using Window Antispyware 2009. t I have Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5 on my computer.Obviously, you have to be aware of the contents of emails, what you are clicking and avoid spam, but other than that, I don't think anti-virus will be needed.Even if Windows Defender is offered for free and it has decent protection features, some people might prefer other applications to secure their system from spyware and other threats.(the notification will pop up every 15 sec and it really annoying). one window will pop up and ask me to purchased the Window Antispyware 2009 in order to remove the threat. For the Spyware protection I have Super Anti Spyware and Window Defender oth turned on.