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Not cooking abilities Russian women attract Western men.
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But amongst my girlfriends there was a unanimous vote that no guy with an arrogant or cocky attitude would have a chance with them. I am also the woman who purposely avoids dating and shoots down every advance from a man at bars, haha.

Don’t brag about yourself, don’t try to be cool, and beyond that don’t appear too confident that you have a chance to walk away with her number.

Here are the major No-No’s…basically what NOT to do…then follow-up tips of suave moves to try instead!

Never interrupt Girls Night Out: There you are…you see a group of ladies smiling, giggling, toasting, maybe dancing, and genuinely having a great time. Not a single one of the ladies has been looking at you or flirting with you from across the room. They are out for a GNO – a girls’ night out – a sacred ritual by most women’s standards because today’s woman is busy and it’s hard to coordinate a night out with all the girls together.

You might think that it takes gifts for women to notice you (like this list on That Sweet but that will only work on some women! So if you aren’t a hottie and don’t have amazing social skills and style, the task of meeting a woman is going to be an uphill climb my friends.

Then, if you add on top of that the fact that every woman is different, so you can’t use a standard ‘move’ to attract all women, things are even more complicated.

She just happened to be looking at you at the same time you were looking at her, which is not an invitation for a chat – that was just random eye contact! I am not an idiot and I would never try to approach a man who was way out of my league.

And be honest now, how often are you successful when you don’t have an obvious invitation from a woman? And everyone, male and female, knows what league they play in. It sounds rough but do yourself a favour and don’t hit on a woman who is in a different league as you.

When you look at her, if she looks away immediately and doesn’t come back to you with a gentle smile and batting her eyes within a minute or two that means that she’s not interested. NOTE: Following with the above tip…personally, I know more or less which men I have a chance with based on my social status, my looks and my style and lastly my personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of you gentlemen absolutely have James Bond style and sex appeal and know how to attract our attention with just a look and a smile.

But if that’s not you, if your success rate is less than stellar, if you aren’t a super model, if you hear “no thanks” much more than you see a bright smile light up a woman’s face…then please read on. Although the better looking you are the better your chances are – not fair, I know, but it’s the truth and that’s life.

You have zero chance with those women — ZERO — so why not hit on someone with whom you DO have a shot?

That’s how I roll and it’s much more fun than being shot down 🙂 Check your attitude: I’m a bit different from my girlfriends in that I like the guy to be a bit cocky, but in a funny and life-of-the-party kind of way (not an asshole).