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It’s certainly a sentiment worth challenging, but it’s likely to be a waste of your time and energy to get into a discussion about body politics with a near-stranger online.If this had come from a friend or an acquaintance or even from a first date IRL, that might be an ideal springboard for you to challenge the notion that “curvy” is somehow the opposite of “beautiful,” but as it is, I think you should go with your first impulse and move on to someone else.You cannot protect your adult son from all the pain and prejudice in the world.But you can work hard to reduce the level of biphobia in the world, starting with yourself and radiating outwards to your friends, your family, and everyone else you come into contact with. The AC is a problem: I recently moved in with my best friend and another girl (Roomie).I went online and have talked to a few guys, and probably will be be meeting one of them soon. A: First things first: You’re not “insane” for wanting to reconnect with an ex you loved deeply.So I am doing everything “by the book,” like keeping busy, meeting other people etc. It might not be the wisest thing to do, it might not be good for you in the long run, but it is perfectly reasonable to seek to avoid pain and pursue pleasure.

I know that the choice is his and his alone to make and I’m being supportive but societal judgment/gay-bashing/targeting IS real and I fear for his safety.

You certainly can send that message if you like—the script you suggested is perfectly polite—but you’re under no obligation to correct the views of every misguided guy on Ok Cupid.

If you did, you’d have no time to use it for dating.

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