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EMAIL - [email protected]===================================================================================================================================================Q. About me===================================================================================================================================================A. If I design profiles, why not my own profile is custom designed?Both specials cover celebrity gossip, which I generally don't know much about but I like her comedic take on that type of life.I have to say I became a fan when I saw her HBO special (HBO still has it on their online streaming), which seemed to be her initial entry into this career - that special is my favorite of her standup so far. I adore Kathy as much as the next person, but this was NOT one of her better comedy specials.Klikk på "rockeren" for å tillate bruk av Flash i nettleseren din.Du kan også låse deg til Flash ved å klikke på "puslespillbiten" øverst til høyre i nettleseren din.In our celebrity-obsessed, Page Six, TMZ, reality show culture, she is our Dante, dishing and dissing on celebrities, the famous and infamous.