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With a PHP-driven front-end, Cacti has the ability to store the required information to create the graphs and populate them with data in a My SQL database.

Apart from the ability to maintain graphs, data sources, and round-robin archives in a database, Cacti can even handle data gathering.

At this point, you will not be able to see any graphs, as they have not yet been generated.

If you take a look after a few minutes, you will notice the graphs, but they will have Na N for all the values.

Check the required fields in the ‘Data Query’ section, if any, returned by the SNMP lookup.

Now, click on the Create button and your graph is ready.

Again, look back in five to 10 minutes, and you will see that the graphs have been filled up with polled statistics.

Now, let us try adding new devices (hosts) and new graphs, and show them on a new graph tree.

We have reproduced the content here for your reference.Now that you have created a device, you will see a link for ‘Create Graphs for this Host’ at the top of the page after creating the device (Figure 5).After clicking it, in the Create drop-down box under the ‘Graph Templates’ section (Figure 6), select the type of graph you want to create.Here are my general procedure on how I make it work 1. Edit cron to run /var/www/cacti/every minute RRAs, define the number of rows you want to maintain a 1 minute data 11. As for those who want to create traffic graphs with MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher), there is the obvious SNMP support.