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Cat car moving sedating

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You may want one with a solid base in case the cat urinates so that it does not soil the railway carriage.

Line it with absorbent paper and material and take spare bedding too.

We thought we'd buy a carrier a disposable litter box, food and water dishes for the carrier, and were ready to get on the road.

Most cats are not particularly happy travellers – they are usually bonded strongly to their own territory and feel very vulnerable off home ground.

It is best to avoid the cardboard or very cheap, light plastic boxes which are suitable for short journeys or very temporary confinement but would not be strong enough for longer periods, especially if they became wet.

The key is to the prepare ahead of time by acclimating your cat to travel gradually and preparing supplies well before the departure date. The article has given me some very useful tips and certainly gave us lots of things to prepare the cats so it will be easier, none of which we knew.

Also consider the weather you will be travelling in – both your present situation and the likely temperature of your destination.

If it is likely to be very hot then use a basket which allows a good air flow through – if it is going to be cold then one which can provide draft-free warmth while still allowing a good air flow would be useful.

Of course you get the occasional cat which travels frequently with its owner and does not panic or run off in a new environment, however, these are few and far between.

It can be very dangerous to have a cat loose in the car – not only could it cause an accident by becoming entangled with the driver, but if a window or door was opened or an accident occurred, the cat could escape and become lost.