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American actress Clementine Ford of The L Word fame caused a bit of a stir a few years back when she tried to define her sexual fluidity on her own terms.The cover of Diva UK Magazine had it plastered in big, bold letters: “Clementine Ford Comes Out.”Unfortunately, she was wildly misquoted in a magazine as coming out.It should be our right, not privilege, to make our voices heard.However this particular reader still has some questions.

She’s the daughter of one of the most famous women in Hollywood– the almost mirror-image of mom Cybil Shepherd– and half grew up in this kind of environment.A little gay kid in a small town is more important than whether I want a label,” she said.Talking about The L Word, she told The Advocate: “In terms of it being ‘groundbreaking,’ I think in a way it’s a confronting at times; Ford speaks candidly about her two abortions without shame or regret, opens up about her struggle with an eating disorder, and even discusses the importance of masturbation in graphic detail.She articulates her experiences with such startling relatability that it can be both comforting and terrifying to experience as a reader.Clementine Ford spoke in conversation with the editor of feminist manifestos, Ford’s intentionally aligns itself with the feminist movement, and owns it from the first chapter.