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Besides the convenience dating apps have brought into our lives, there are also ones that are saving us money while we search for a hookup, date, relationship, or whatever else our heart desires.

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to report what Jones had already aggregated," says Linda Sharps at .

Yes, there were mistakes, but Jones corrected them as he went along in a way that was transparent for readers.

Those who fall outside of that income bracket, are significantly less likely to put their well being over that of their date’s, on a first date.

Whats Your is the first online dating website where generous members can bid on a first date with an attractive member.

(CNN contributors should hardly cast stones when it comes to mistakes, given that CNN "infamously miffed the Supreme Court ruling" on Obama Care, reporting that it had been struck down.) "Media outlets should wake up and take note — because what Morgan Jones did last week just may be the future of journalism." "Colorado shootings details reported best in early hours by teenager on Reddit" Traditional media outlets should embrace the trend: Citizen journalism "may not replace the traditional journalism we're used to," but it could "bring additional benefits that mainstream journalism doesn't provide," says Mathew Ingram at .

Reddit's "crowdsourced newsroom" taps into an on-the-ground network that no single reporter, or even a team of reporters, could access.

On Friday authorities were investigating the report of a missing person when they went to a public storage facility located at 4400 block of East Platte Avenue and found a body in a minivan inside one of the units.Police believe the victim, Julie Tureson, 33, was killed by her boyfriend, James Woo.Investigators said the couple dated for a few years but were often at odds. They had broken up within a week of the homicide,” said El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby. She was found shot to death in her minivan inside a storage unit in Colorado Springs on April 22.Detectives believe he was in contact with several women in his hometown of San Francisco as well as Denver and Colorado Springs. “We’re not looking at anything criminal at this point but we’re trying to obtain information, historical information that will give us a good picture of Mr. It’s one of the most banal jobs in the fucking world yet thousands upon thousands of people in America – myself included for a short time – get paid to email press releases to email addresses of the people who work for blogs and websites. We were recently lucky enough to have this forwarded to us.Truthfully, there’s nothing new about a richer man paying to spend time with a woman, so kudos to Whats Your for shattering the last shred of decency that held together any semblance of humanity left in the Internet dating world. If you are holding out for a hero, dating someone who is generous, but not necessarily wealthy, may be the difference between life and death.