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In other words, a cognitively & socially elite sample.

As you can see the demographics are unsurprising for an elite university.

First, let’s keep this in perspective, here are the correlations from the GSS for married individuals for several variables of note (I’ve filtered for whites here): Ethnicity – 0.40 Highest Degree – 0.55 Socioeconomic index – 0.32 I think it’s interesting to note that the variable which reveals meritocratic achievement has the highest correlation.

Ethnicity is something you’re born into, and socioeconomic index is a metric which derives from the milieu in which you were raised.

The authors note that 47% of matches were interracial, while random expectations would have predicted 53%.

Random mating in the general population would result in 44% of marriages being interracial, while only 4% are.

The richness of our data further allows us to identify many determinants of same-race preferences.

In our dating market, however, we encounter a different relationship between micromotives and macrobehaviour: our subjects have a strong preference for partners of their own race, yet the overall level of the resulting segregation is quite small.

It is obvious though that demographic segregation will shift away from a panmictic dynamic, and, I think marriage is frankly a higher bar than accepting the proposal for a date.

Here’s the chart that shows you who wanted who: Just inspecting the table, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Not only are non-Asian women not impressed, but Asian women aren’t reciprocally racially discriminatory to level the playing field. Though there is some variation in the male acceptances by race, but as I said most of the differences were not statistically significant. This is their first linear equation: Decision We first look at the decisions of female subjects.

In other words, are Asian guys just ugly, explaining their rejections? The authors find that some of the rejection rate for Asians in general seem to be explainable as a function of the judgment that they’re just not as attractive.

Here’s the above table controlled for attractiveness: There is a difference. At this point the researchers decided to simplify the presentation; they pooled the other races aside from same race and clumped males and females together when trying to tease apart the determinants of racial preferences.