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Company of heroes opposing fronts validating media problem

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I had to reinstall Co H, and now whenever I start the game, it claims that it “could not verify media”.Oh, did I happen to mention that this error happens regardless whether I even have the disk in the drive or not?Simply email [email protected] request warranty service — just have your Amazon order number and (if possible) product serial number handy.Normally I’m quite a calm relaxed user, able to handle even the toughest problems dished out by computer software without losing my cool…In particular, I found that there were no voice files or campaigns installed from the expansion making the game rather limited. Seriously, how does it take 15mins to install 100MB of patch?? Under the control panel, I can check the version of the game that is installed.So I actually need to install from the expansion disk instead of the original disk – but when I do this, I can only play the original content when I have a working internet connection, when offline the original content is hidden as the product key is only associated with my online login. The main game installer is slow enough that I can go take a shower & sort out the laundry to find it still running when I return and the patches just seem to continue this slowness trend. According to the support information, I have version installed when I’ve done a clean install from the original company of heroes disk.FUCK RELIC ENTERTAINMENT/THQ I’m a legitimate owner of both the original game and the expansion, however there is no way I am ever going to buy another Relic/THQ game ever again after all this crap.

Loading bar goes to full and the another window opens in the game saying "could not verify media", And thats as far as i get .Currently my DSL is screwed (* long story about another equally inept company) with the only fix being my new cable internet connection going live on the 18th. What about users with only occasional internet access – overseas troops, travellers, or the poor people who still have to use dialup?PATCHING I understand the need for patching, I’m even pleased that Relic have decided to support the product and regularly fix issues, tweak features and maintain the product. They total close to 3.8GB However, I do not seem to have one mysterious patch which is required after I reinstall the game using the Opposing Fronts expansion disk.It appears to me that it doesn’t even bother to check the media and just fails.I suspect that if I was to connect online and authenticate with the relic servers it will work, but what happens when my internet is down again?However, I’m not please that I have to deal with shit such as: 1. Once this mysterious 114MB patch has been installed, it will then allow me to install the rest of the patches that I have locally.