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The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is carrying out a large-scale study in rodents of exposure to radiofrequency energy (the type used in cell phones).

This investigation is being conducted in highly specialized labs that can specify and control sources of radiation and measure their effects.

The energy of electromagnetic radiation is determined by its frequency; ionizing radiation is high frequency, and therefore high energy, whereas non-ionizing radiation is low frequency, and therefore low energy.

The NCI fact sheet Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer lists sources of radiofrequency energy.

Electromagnetic radiation is defined according to its wavelength and frequency, which is the number of cycles of a wave that pass a reference point per second.

Electromagnetic frequencies are described in units called hertz (Hz).

Investigators have also conducted analyses of incidence trends to determine whether the incidence of brain or other cancers has changed during the time that cell phone use increased dramatically.

The human body absorbs energy from devices that emit radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

The authors of these studies noted that the results are preliminary and that possible health outcomes from changes in glucose metabolism are still unknown.

Such inconsistent findings are not uncommon in experimental studies of the biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (5).

Whereas one study showed increased glucose metabolism in the region of the brain close to the antenna compared with tissues on the opposite side of the brain (2), the other study (3) found reduced glucose metabolism on the side of the brain where the phone was used.

Another study investigated whether exposure to the radiofrequency energy from cell phones affects the flow of blood in the brain and found no evidence of such an effect (4).