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By my count, we have six different sensors in their ILC bodies (20mp 1", 20mp and 24mp DX, 20, 24, and 45mp FX).They made one of the most lukewarm update cycles with the D3400 and D5600 I've ever seen, and there wasn't really anything at the sensor driving those updates. Indeed, at the 1" to APS-C sensor sizes, people aren't really buying those cameras for deep dynamic range, but usually for something else.Which brings up a point: where is "entry level" for sophisticated compact and ILC now? Right where Canon seems to be aiming: 24mp APS-C with excellent but not perfect image quality.Nikon seems to have tackled a similar approach as Sony on a couple of bodies (D500 and D850 are definitely sensor R&D projects with new payoffs, while the D5 was really more of a simple refresh of the D3 sensor), but not all. Of course, there will be those pixel peepers that chime in about differences in dynamic range, frame rates, and a bunch of other stuff. There's a reason why the Canon EOS M5 is my pocket camera and not a Sony.The problem for Nikon is that their lower end products are just not selling. The 24mp Canon sensor may not knock it out of the park in signal-to-noise ratio, but frankly, it's more than enough for almost any use I'd make of a smaller camera.I started out writing a different article—which I may yet complete—but got side-tracked on something that struck me: Canon is using Nikon's old sensor strategy. Well, Canon now has three mirrorless cameras and as many DSLRs all using basically the same 24mp APS-C dual-pixel sensor.