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How can I reconcile the fact that I’ve fallen for someone who sees me as a tool to be discarded once the excitement wears off?

I know we all have a choice, but we also know what it’s like to be infatuated by someone who seems perfect. Sobbing Here And Making Errors “One of life’s hardest lessons is this: Two people can be absolutely crazy in love with each other and still not be good partners,” said Franklin Veaux, coauthor of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory (

It’s something a poly person experiences with a new partner, not something a poly person enjoys with an established one.

And there are lots of examples of long-term poly relationships out there—established triads, quads, quints—so your assumption about being discarded once NRE wears off is also off, SHAME. If this guy were single and looking for a monogamous relationship, you could nevertheless discover you’re not right for each other and wind up being discarded or doing the discarding yourself.

Feeling Minnesota was the debut feature for writer and director Steven Baigelman.

They’re not very common, but they do exist, and alas they tend to leave a lot of destruction in their wake.” But your assumptions about how NRE works are wrong, SHAME.

I’m going to give the final word to our guest expert… My husband regularly messes around with this one guy who treats me like I’m a cuckold.

“Having an avoidant attachment style complicates things, because one of the things that can go along with avoidant attachment is idealizing partners who are inaccessible or unavailable,” said Veaux. But if you’re radically incompatible with the person you love, letting go is likely your only healthy choice. He will send me a pic of my husband sucking his cock, for example, and a text message meant to degrade me.

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It's not unusual in the movies for a woman to be torn between two brothers, but she usually doesn't change her mind on her wedding day.