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The items that they created for a Q-sort experiment would eventually influence the first version of the Racial Identity Attitude Scale (RIAS).Shortly thereafter, Bill Hall published the results of his empirical study in 1972, which was later referred to as the Hall-Cross Model.We welcome submissions from all Living Educational Theory (often shortened to Living Theory) researchers who wish to contribute rigorous and valid accounts of their living-theories to improving educational knowledge.The journal focuses on the living-theories of practitioner-researchers.Cross relates that at these meetings, he learned the importance of culture consciousness, not just race consciousness, an idea that would become influential in his model of race and cultural identity conceptions.

To learn more about Living Theory research watch this 3 minute video, and visit and join the conversations in the EJOLTS community space, and on Facebook and Linked In.Through this work, Cross relates that he “discovered major shortcomings in [his] original Nigrescence Model,” and so the second part of Shades of Black includes a revised version of his 1971 Negro-to-Black Conversion Model.More recently, Cross’ own daughter, Tuere Cross, has further expanded this line of research.Throughout his career, Cross was largely concerned with racial/ethnic identity theory and the negative effects of Western thought and science on the psychology of Black Americans, and specifically the need for “psychological liberation under conditions of oppression.” Here, he met Badi Foster, who would later become his best man and lifelong friend and mentor.While at DU, Cross seriously questioned his religious beliefs and eventually denounced God because he couldn’t explain slavery or the Holocaust.With the Black Power Movement in full swing, Cross was put in charge of creating proactive programs to engage the youth of Evanston.