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The weight of the family struggles does get put on the woman because she is incredibly adaptable and strong.

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Moments after the players finished their workout with Bob, Jillian showed up and surprised them with another — more intense — last chance workout.

Although they were already worn out from their workout with Bob, they put the rest of what energy they had left to participate in Jillian’s workout.

The contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss at the weigh-in would fall below the red line and be sent home immediately.

Moments after hearing the news about the red line, the contestants participated in a pop challenge.

As soon as they jumped through someone’s hoop one hundred times, that person — the one to whom the hoop belonged — was out of the running for immunity.

With that in mind, the younger “Biggest Loser” contestants decided to team up against the older contestants and knocked Liz and Allen out first.

After the pop challenge, contestants had time to reflect on the fact that the person who fell below the red line would go home, and Liz feared she’d be that person.

The “Biggest Loser” contestants raced back and forth from a Velcro board to a bucket.As the older players slept, the younger ones thought a late-night workout inside the ranch would benefit them at the weigh-in.While Daniel and Shay worked out in the living room, Amanda and Rebecca snatched two spin bikes from the gym and took them to Shay’s room for their late-night workout.She realized the others deserved to be on the ranch just as much, but she was afraid Shay wouldn’t be able to continue her journey successfully at home.Bob agreed, so the two of them decided they’d train Shay more than they would the others this week.During the workout in the gym, Danny looked a bit peaked, which concerned Bob; however, Danny assured Bob he was alright.