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The user will not be able to type values greater than 10 into the “Quant” columns cells and have them remain.

If the user enters a value over 10 and tries to leave the cell, a message pops up, indicating the error, then simply ignores (Cancel Edit) what the user entered, keeps the old value and finally lets the control move on to the next cell.

Since this allows new rows to be added, there is the possibility the “Quant” cell could be blank and have no value. Cell Validating Dim new Value As Integer Dim old Value As String If dg Predracun S.

Hi, I am trying to validate two columns in a datagridview by comparing the e.g Hiredate and Due Date.

But, I can't get it to validate all cells when a button is pressed.

I tried calling Validate() but it's not calling the Cell Validating function on every cell Why would you want it to force validation for all cells?

Value) str Result = Date Diff("D", Hire Date, Due Date) If str Result Rory (Clissold Solutions) The cell Validating event fires before the Data Grid View gets updated, so you can't get the new value from the Data Grid View object.

(If you debug your current code you'll find that Due Date gets populated with the old value of the cell, not the new value. Formatted Value will hold the new value) - Rory Private Sub Rental Data Grid View_Cell Validating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Cell Validating Try With Rental Data Grid View If e. Formatted Value "" Then Dim Due Date As Date Dim Hire Date As Date Dim str Result As Integer Due Date = CDate(e.

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Alternatively, not allow the user to enter invalid values. Due Date must be greater than higher date, if not the cell validation will prompt the user with an error message. Value) Is DBNull) Then Dim Due Date As Date Dim Hire Date As Date Dim str Result As Integer Due Date = CDate(. Below is the code how I am trying to validate those i enter duedate less than hiredate, the program displays the error , "Date entered is less than hired date!! The main reason is if i enter invalid value it should stop and focus again on that cell” If I understand this correctly, the user is using the arrow keys to go to the next column after they have changed a value in the previous cell. “This was not solution for my problem main reason is on datagrid i have like 5 columns which are able to edit through datagrid so im moving with key arrows through grid and editing cells. To String(), new Value)) Then If new Value 10 Then Print Error Message("Can not be greater than 10: ", new Value. When a cell is modified in any way it is automatically marked as "dirty", when you call data Grid. Validate() you are telling to to check all of the cells which have been modified! If you are saying that this is not happening correctly, or you still want to bypass this great, amazing, fantabulous feature let us know!