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To continue the update operation without generating exceptions when an error is encountered, set the Data Adapter.Continue Update On Error property to true before calling Db Data Adapter. You may also respond to errors on a per-row basis within the Row Updated event of a Data Adapter.This capability is often used to include original values in the WHERE clause of an UPDATE statement to check for optimistic concurrency violations.Note: If an error occurs while updating a row, an exception is thrown and execution of the update is discontinued. NET Data Table object contains a lot of useful information that you might not be aware of.For each row in the Data Table you can determine the rows state (is it original, new, deleted, modified etc.) and you can have access to the "before" values of modified rows as well as the values from rows that have been deleted.Some applications may require updating the data base when the end-user is up to exit the applications. Current If current Is Not Nothing Then Edit Row = (CType(current, Data Row View)).

and "table B" has three columns as well: "one", "two", and "three"; with "one" being the primary key.

To continue the update operation without generating an exception within the Row Updated event, set the Row Updated Event Args.

Status property of the Row Updated Event Args to Update Status.

Note that all rows will have the rowstate of "Added" since they did not come from an external data store by means of the ADO "Fill" command: Now when we delete a row, it remains in the collection.

If you attempt to access the values of the deleted row, you will generate a run-time error.