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That the Khazars did resist culturally, in the attempt to not allow any of these outside powers to gain influence in their territories, is amply illustrated by the decision of the royal family, sometime in the eighth century under either the kingship of Bulan or Obadiah, to take the unusual step of converting to Judaism.

In this way neither Christian Byzantium nor the new Muslim empire to the south could gain power indirectly through religious blackmail and other such means.

As to what the Jewish representative replied is of no consequence since both the Christian and Muslim representatives (fearing each other) answered that after their own the Jewish faith would be the most acceptable – the consequences of a Khazar conversion to either Christianity or Islam could have been disastrous to the unsuccessful party.

As things turned out the Khazars opted for a path which attracted least hostility, least obligation, and least cultural influence from any of the other major powers of the day.

Their capital, Itil, was at the crossroads of east-west as well as north- south trade routes, and the Khazars extracted a large revenue from taxing goods passing through their territories, not only towards the high civilisations of Islam and Byzantium but also towards the western European kingdoms, northern Europe, and the Turkic peoples to the east of their domains.

As for goods produced within the Khazar kingdom itself, these were mainly agricultural – rice, millet, honey, wine, sheep and fisheries from the Khazar ('Caspian') Sea.

Yet one very interesting epoch in the history of Eastern Europe has been overlooked, if not totally forgotten, by most historians which is of import. Khazaria, or mention of the Khazars, is a non-starter to most.

Yet historians, and medieval historians in particular, should be aware of the important existence of this powerful kingdom which played just as crucial a part in the stemming of the Arab advance into Europe as Charles Martel did at Tours at around the same time (i.e. However, this Khazar kingdom was neither Christian nor Muslim at the height of its power but Judaic, which makes study of it all the more interesting, since it places a powerful Judaic military presence amidst the power politics of the period in question.

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How far are religion and 'race' distinguishable indicators of ethnicity? These questions have plagued mankind from time immemorial and attempts to answer them have never been wholly satisfactory but have often incurred danger.

The story of the Khazar conversion, although largely fictional, contains revealing insights into the power-politics of the day and how religious considerations played a major part.

According to the story the khaqan, on hearing the various arguments put forward by Christian, Muslim and Judaic missionaries, asked each in turn which of the other two religions was considered more acceptable after their own.

It was only in 1016 when a joint Russo-Byzantine expedition was launched against the Khazars that the Khazar empire suffered irremediable loss and its decline was sealed.

Most of our evidence for the history of the Khazars comes from literary sources.