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“There’s this huge group of younger people that are involved in these things,” says Ryan – an observation that seemed borne out of a monthly event called “Poly Cocktails,” held at an upstairs bar on the Lower East Side a few weeks later, in which one would have been hard-pressed to realize that this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill mixer (a guy who’d wandered in accidentally must have eventually figured it out; he was later seen by the bar grinning widely as he chatted up two women).

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Date Codes occupy the first two, three or four positionsin a serial number.

Mass produced Schwinn bikes have been data-coded since1965 by the first two letters in the serial number.

You can see by the pictures that it is a schwinn gt I said...cannot locate this bike online anywhere.

The letter "G" followed by a two-digit month code (01 = January etc.) and two more digits for the production year (81 = 1981 etc.).

For a few people, though, the Raleigh Chopper has never disappeared.

“I haven’t got as big a collection as I used to, unfortunately,” says Daren Sykes, who runs ‘The One Stop Chopper Shop’ website selling Chopper spare parts and memorabilia.

Chopper royalty “It still gives me a buzz,” Sykes says.Raleigh made three ‘marks’ but hundreds of different options; three, five and 10-speeds; dropped handlebars; and a few rarities where the factory had to shift old stock and blended old parts with new.The cult of Chopper even has its own creation myth: the late Raleigh designer Alan Oakley, flying back from a research trip to the US to see the Chopper’s pre-cursor, the Schwinn Stingray, famously sketched designs for the first prototype on the back of an airmail envelope.“But they only had 762 sets of alloy wheels, so a few came out with steel wheels on them.“I’ve got one which nobody has beaten yet,” he adds."Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'what a ride! Live as if you'll die today." Here's the scoop on 82 and older Schwinn's Schwinn's 1982 and older had two letters, first one is the month and the second is the year, then it is followed by five or six numbers which is the sequence number. Its first two serial numbers are KG according to the seller. So either Ken C is wrong, or the lady read the letters wrong. I can't clearly read the first 2 didgits in the SN#. K It arrived today and i was hoping to submit b4 and after piks of this rare bike while i build it up again.