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The great thing about printed photos is that regardless of the situation, we can still see, appreciate, hold, give, and cherish our images.

Dating after loss of wife

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I had to demonstrate the kind of personal composure and strength in order to deliver a concession speech but to do it in a way that wasn't bitter or angry," she said."I tried very hard to do that and I also tried to make it clear that we all hoped that the new president would succeed. But as soon as Bill and I left that stage I just really felt the whole weight of it on me.And we were in the back seat of the car on our way back to our home.Food used to be the enemy, but now’s it’s a huge source of pleasure in my life.I no longer feel the desire to binge eat like I used to because my body doesn’t feel deprived.I dropped more weight and was really struggling on the inside.However, it ended on a great note- we got engaged in December 2007 in Mexico.I couldn't speak, I couldn't really have any internal resources left," she explained.

Comey had badly overstepped his bounds," she wrote in the book, according to The New York Times.

I still struggle with a negative mindset at times, but I’m better at dismissing those thoughts and sticking on this healthy & happier path.

Here are some pictures that document my journey over the past 10 years: My weight was steady around 125 pounds.

:) I had gained about 20-25 pounds since 1st year university. My eating disorder, something I had been struggling with since 12 years old, surfaced a lot in 1st and second year university. ;) I also graduated university with an undergrad degree in social psychology.

Exam stress, living in a dorm, and new social opportunities led to late-night binges, alcohol, and unhealthy cafeteria food. I lost a bit of weight, but I was still struggling and going up and down on the scale. We moved to Toronto because I got accepted into graduate school for psychology.