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On a pure numbers standpoint, he's currently grouped in with Tier 5. The penalty kill is hurting both Cam Talbot and Brian Elliott. His even-strength save percentage is an unbelievable .877, tied with Antti Raanta for the worst in the league among goaltenders with at least four appearances. Among the goaltenders with at least 11 appearances, Price has faced the fewest shots at even strength. NHL action ramps up a bit this week, with nine teams posting a four-game schedule.

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Though other rivers empty into the Persian Gulf, most of its fresh water comes from the Shatt al Arab.On the right edge of the image is the narrow Strait of Hormuz, which connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea, part of the northern Indian Ocean.If products are to be labeled "HALAL", the plant must be able to accommodate the Islamic requirements.Islamic Slaughter (Halal) Certification The following is presented only as information for the exporter.The Persian Gulf is flanked to the west by wedge-shaped Kuwait and by Saudi Arabia with its vast tan-, pink-, and white-sand deserts; to the south by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman; and to the east by the dry mountains of Iran.The wetlands and rivers of Mesopotamia border the Gulf on the north.Several Gulf States are visible across the eastern Arabian Peninsula that makes up the lower part of the image.

This massive earthwork is reclaimed from Dubai's Persian Gulf coast.

The municipality of Dubai is the largest city of the Persian Gulf emirate of the same name, and has built a global reputation for large-scale developments and architectural works.

Among the most visible of these developments - particularly from the perspective of astronauts onboard the ISS - are three man-made archipelagos.

three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white, and black with a wider vertical red band on the hoist side; the flag incorporates all four Pan-Arab colors, which in this case represent fertility (green), neutrality (white), petroleum resources (black), and unity (red); red was the traditional color incorporated into all flags of the emirates before their unification Much of the sediment clouding the water in this image of the Persian Gulf is from the Shatt al Arab River, which enters the Gulf in the north along the Iran-Iraq border.

The river drains the combined waters of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers of Iraq, and the Karun River of Iran.