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The woman later lured the team into a trap and used a special "needle bomb" to explode C-Virus syringes across the room.Ben; Carl; Finn and Andy were caught in the blast and were infected, leaving Piers and Chris as the sole survivors.The Four Napad that resulted in the mutated BSAA agents attacked Chris and Piers and knocked Chris out, also causing him to suffer from amnesia.Miraculously, Piers was able to survive against these Napad while dragging an unconscious Chris to safety.

Piers personally wanted to follow this tradition for as long as he could remember. At some point in his tenure within the Special Forces, Piers began to want a greater calling to make use of all of his training.

The remaining three succeeded in defeating the snake after much effort.

Realizing that Chris would stop at nothing to kill Carla, Piers confronted his Captain with regards to the deviation from the mission.

During their mission in Lanshiang, Chris and Piers headed to the rendezvous point at a tenement house, dubbed the "Ace of Spades".

There, they were to rescue United Nations diplomats who had been held hostage by J'avo.