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A Broadcasting Station, undor tho private management of Mr. BUY WORLD’S BEST RCA RADIO AT THE DECCAN RADIO HOUSE, HYD'BAD. ri»S EXALTED HIGHNESS, ASAF JAH, Nl UZ A F F A R-U L- M U LK WAL MAMALIK N IZ A M - U L- M U LK , N IZ A M - U D - D A U LA NAWAB SIR MIR OSMAN ALI KHAN BAHADUR, FATEH JUNG. THE DISTRICT OF WARANGAL: has Karimnagar on its Northern side, Godavari tui the South, Krishna on the West and the Districts of Nalgonda and Medak on the East, It has an area of 8,205 sq. It is intersected by the Bivers Godavari, Krishna and Palari. Haisanparti ; It contains many weavers who are engaged in making silk dhoties. Garla ; Is famous for its timber, which is exported in large quantities It is a railway station.

The Nizam’s Regular Forces Educational Institutions Religious Intitutions, Associations, Clubs, Hospitals Mills, Factories and other Industrial concerns Indigenous Industries Traders’ List Places of Amusement Believe it or not ! cny Ro An BAi H.'R-BAGH KOAO O THERE YOU MAY DISCOVER HOW TO ELECTRIFY YOUR HOME ; HOW TO SAVE UNNECESSARY LABOUR; TO BANISH DIRT; TO COOK MORE PERFECTLY ; TO HEAT WATER ; TO LAUNDER ; TO COOL YOUR ROOMS ; TO SLIM YOUR FIGURE ; OUR DEMONS- TRATOR WILL BE AT YOUR SERVICE TO SHOW YOU HOW THESE things may be accomplished, AND TO ASSIST YOU WITH ALL necessary INFORMATION AT THE PUBLICITY SHOW ROOM OF H. ROAD AND BUS ROUTES (All Righis Reserved) WEST END ADCRAFT CO.. 3G9 A Pago to a Day Diary 1936 with a thoaght for j^^ j^c ^ h^ ^da C Bhimjee Poonja Sons. Leading Iwporters of PLAIN AND DECORATED PLYWOOO, VENEERS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, FURNITURE INLAYS AND MARQUETRY. Such defects of this pioneer attempt we hope to remedy in our next edition. Tho unswerving loyal Asaf Jahi dynasty to the British is unparalleled m the annals oi he history of India. When in 1914, the nations of the world were involved in a deadly conflict in a gamble for power, the present rulnr of Hyderab .d, Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, true to the hoary traditions of his illustrious dynasty, stood loyal to the British crown. E., the tenth ruler of the Asaf Jahi House, was installed in 1911, and reprosenis tho only surviving link between tho India of tho Great Moghuls and the India of to-day. He is one of the most sagacious, benevolent and on. According to the Budget Note for 1345, F., issued recently, the total budgettod receipt amounts to Ks. In the field of Agriculture, the Government has started new expo^’imental farms. The Department has also carried out the education of the panchayat members of the societies and the public by moans of lectures and literature. der Nawaz Juiig Bahadur originated a schoino of Univer- sity Education through the medium of the Urdu language. It has taken enthusiastically to Broad- casting and there is a scheme to extend this to all Districts for educational purposes. The present roign is responsible for the con- struction of nearly 3,500 miles of roads with its complement of bridges. H ® Hyderabad state ocoupiee a central position on the map of Ind.a-the actual geographical position being 17° 21-4 inches North latrtude and 78° 3010 inches East longitude. Hy derabad is a table-land averaging about 1,250 ft. Many of the life sketches had to be held back and the section WHO IS WHO had to combined with the RESIDENTS IN HYDERABAD for fear of making the work bulkier. Again, during the great Indian Mutiny of 1857, it was the timely help of the Nizam that stood the British in good stead in the Deccan. the Nizam ranks among the greatest rulers of the world. This system is not known to other parts of India and its success is due to the genius of the present Finance Member. An Industrial Trust Fund with a capital of one orore has boon started. As a result the Govornmoiit has introduced the co-oporative banking system and there are at present 2,677 sookties with a total membership of 75,596, with a working capital of Rs. The ideal that a co-operative movement should be a people’s movement, solf-controllod and self-financed, h*a.s always been kept in view. The greatest venture has been in the lino of vernacularising education Nawab Sir Akhar II. Lately the State has been linked direct by air route between Karachi and Madras. Registrar, Co-operative Sociota Eeputy Assistant ...