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A mint, boxed example of the Hattori Year Knife, of which a different model/design is chosen for every year.These knives are extremely well made and collectable as they are always made in a limited number of 200.His son is and will be continuing to make Randall sheaths. Greg bought the business years ago from Sullivan and has carried on the work for Randall.They have a dozen or more various Randall sheaths in their showcase right now available for sale. Several of them have the sharpening stone in the sheath pouch. Greg is retiring, so they won't be making any more holsters (after the last one of mine that he has in the works!Here's a Generic replacement they had for an old Model 14 I have: Not too shabby at all. Greg is retiring, so they won't be making any more holsters (after the last one of mine that he has in the works!) unless his daughter picks up the craft - they haven't made that decision yet.Greg is a nice guy but hurry on before he is gone I have a nice Randall that I bought new in 1966. Greg is very close with the Randall guys, I suggest you call him and have him give you his contact.. Being up here in the frozen north, I'm thinking it will be as well to get a whole new sheath as opposed to shipping back & forth across the now-scary border. this is the one with the usual tan colour and the stone pouch but there was no choice at all when I bought the original.] I was concerned, so I asked & was told the original Mr Sullivan is about to retire all right, and his son is carrying on the business. Neighbours who accept my shipping when I'm asay are starting to regard me in light of being a pirate or mercenary. Somehow, I have managed to lose that Carborundum Stone that was gray and had 2 grits. Thank You, Larry Mc Larty The Randall company sells them separately, or at least they used to. Per agreement with Randall, they will not make or sell a replacement sheath with Randall Snaps unless they verify it's an actual Randall Knife.

Made from N690 stainless steel with black G10 ( and green liners) this will not disappoint ! Complete with a very well made Kydex sheath, also made by Dawid. Bob Dozier can truly be called a Legend in the knifemaking world, having been involved since the very early days (working with A. This model is much sought after in the States, partly due to Bob's 3 year waiting list ! This particular knife is amazingly light in the hand due to a 4" flat ground blade, in 3mm random pattern Damasteel and the spectacular Wild Olive wood handle, set off by blue liners and n/silver fittings. This is the non-serrated Project 1 version, complete with sheath, paperwork and box (which has a few 'creases' but no rips). Charles has also worked very closely with the US Navy Seals & Special Forces and his "Special Ops Bowie" is a very desirable knife (he also makes a more basic, simpler, more affordable version to cope with the demand for this model). This is the first time I have had one of Alan's Expedition models to sell - and I am impressed !

If you order from Randall, then the replacement will have the Randall snaps and embossing.

They say that they would like you to ship them your knife needing a new sheath so that it can be fitted to the replacement sheath; because as they say, each sheath is one-of-a-kind; like their knives.

The sheath is about 30 years old and was beautifully made, and I've always hated the idea of breaking the glue and doing some crude restitching to fix the problem- in fact I've been using a leather thong to tie the knife in, meaning it is no longer quick draw accessible.

My plan has been to take the sheath to a shoemaker and get it fixed professionally, but now that I know the sheaths are valuable maybe that's a bad idea?