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"This project has made an important contribution to knowledge of Fujairah's history and heritage," Sheikh Mohammed told WAM. It emphasises, once again, the value of using the latest scientific techniques for research not just into our present and future, but also into our past." Many of the historic and archaeological sites in Fujairah's East Coast were built using coral stone, a locally abundant building material collected along the coast.When corals are alive, trace amounts of uranium and other materials from the seawater are preserved in their hard 'skeleton.' The surviving skeleton from dead coral then forms the 'farush' stone used in buildings.Uranium-thorium radiometric dating of two of the coral blocks from the mosque also fall within the 16th Century, 1530, plus or minus 71 years, and 1599, plus or minus 9 years.Retrum and Ziolkowski suggest that the mosque was probably built by 1599, the more clearly defined date.Ziolkowski, several dates obtained through radiocarbon dating of charcoal fragments suggested that it was built between 1450-1655.Fragments of pottery and porcelain excavated at the site have also been dated to the 16th Century.Michele Ziolkowski, who initially studied the buildings as part of her Ph D thesis.The Petroleum Institute is a part of Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

Historical archives in Portugal refer to the presence of a fort in Bidiya at this time, the site of which was excavated by Ziolkowski in 1999.The coastal tower at Rul Dhadnah, also now ruined, has architectural similarities to the tower at Rul Dibba, while artefacts like pottery and porcelain suggest a similar date of construction, in the second half of the 19th Century.However, the coral blocks from the Rul Dhadnah tower have been dated to the 10th Century AD.The project collected samples of coral blocks used in the Bidiyah Mosque and the watchtowers in Rul Dibba and Rul Dhadnah.These were then sent to the University of Minnesota in the United States, where they were dated, using a technique known as uranium-thorium radiometric dating.Detached from the rest of the emirates by the Hajar mountains, Fujairah boasts of a pristine location with unspoiled natural beauty.