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Vil man prøve nettdating for å finne en kjæreste, så står man foran valgets kval: Det finnes utallige tilbud og mange datingtjenester lokker med gratis dating.

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Your boyfriend may feel rather insecure and jealous when you go out with your friends and have a nice time.

The only thing that goes on in his head would be, “does she have more fun with her friends than she does with me?

#6 Have him in your arms Jealous boyfriends are easily unsettled with the simplest scenarios.

And it all starts and ends with you talking to other guys.

To make him feel better and stop spinning flirty tales in his head, try to involve him in your social activities for a few months.

Let him realize by himself that you’re not on a flirting spree every time you go out with your own friends.

” Perhaps it’s his insecurity or his fear of you having a better time with some other guy.

Every time you go out with your guy friends, he may end up brooding about what you’re doing, whom you’re flirting with or who’s pawing you.

Call him every now and then and have a quiet conversation without getting disturbed by your friends’ giggles (which can annoy him further). [Read: A clingy guy’s story] #4 Indulge in a bit of PDA with him Indulging in public display of affection with your jealous boyfriend may make him uncomfortable, but he would still love it.

By getting cuddly in public, either by holding his hands or kissing his cheek, you’re willing to let the world know that both of you are a couple.

And that can be a huge reassurance for a jealous guy who’s always looking for little reasons to wonder if you really do love him.

[Read: Public display of affection laws] #3 Tease him when you’re with your girlfriends Help your antisocial jealous boyfriend understand that a bit of fun flirting and teasing is all acceptable and harmless between friends and the opposite sex.