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M-learning in the context of work can embrace a variety of different forms of learning.

It has been defined as the "processes of coming to know, and of being able to operate successfully in, and across, new and ever changing contexts, including learning for, at and through work, by means of mobile devices".

Learning for work, which could be also described as 'just-in-case' learning, involves classic and formal education activities, such as training courses, that prepare learners for future work-related tasks.

A typical, corporate application is the delivery of mobile compliance training, which can be seen as a viable means to reach geographically mobile employees, such as consultants occurs in informal education settings at the workplace.

M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.

M-learning focuses on the mobility of the learner, interacting with portable technologies.

It can be used to review live lectures (Clark & Westcott 2007) and to provide opportunities for students to rehearse oral presentations.

An investigation by Channel 4's Dispatches programme found that although more than 70 British studies have proved the risks, and 700 British Pakistani children are born with associated genetic diseases every year, many people deny the dangers.Cross-contextual learning that bridges the gap between work settings and formal education formats has perhaps the biggest potential for work-based mobile learning,) The so-created materials are later used in more formal educational formats, for example in the classroom or in the discussion with tutors.The value of these mobile phone-mediated learning practices lies in the integration and reconciliation of work-based learning and formal education experiences which otherwise tend to remain separated. mobile-assisted language learning (MALL), are also used to assist in language learning.As a reflective practitioner, you are open to review, learning, development and change, as difficult and challenging as this can be at times.Reflecting on your practice is a continuous, cyclical process and contributes to continuing practice and professional development."People tagging" is an approach whereby people assign topics they associate with co-workers.