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I would say the younger Marley’s were, to hit their mark, a little bit more challenging for the trainers. Jennifer: The scene where we were taking him to get neutered. Getting the puppy to sort if imitate like he was going to the bathroom like that one (indicates Clyde) took a long time because he had a little stool that he had to sit on. One of the things I really like about this movie is that its sort of like a romantic comedy after marriage and you so rarely see that and actually I’d like for all of you to comment on how wonderful that is for married people. Physically I had to show the passage of time, there were wigs and certain extensions of hair, additions; a bang piece for a more youthful look [laughter] but that’s basically it. That one scene where we had to do the running you were kind of bandaged up, kind of getting helped back to the start mark and every time they said ‘action’, it was off like you see in Bolt. Everything seemed kind of relatable so it wasn’t difficult to understand, this makes sense what he’s feeling. It was on the page and it was something that was extremely important to us because this book has such an audience and such a fan base and these are two people that are actually here on the planet and you want to honor their story.

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It predicts that GDP in 2017 will grow by 2.5 per cent, compared with 2.3 per cent in 2016 and 4 per cent in 2015.

The UAE’s currency, the dirham (Arab Emirates Dirham, AED), is pegged to the USD (in 2011, AED 1 = USD 0.3).

Dubai opened the first phase of its new airport, then known as Dubai World Central International Airport (DWCI), in the specially created free zone, Jebel Ali Airport City, in October 2008.

The airport opened on 27 June 2010 under the new name Al Maktoum International.

According to 2011 Worldbank figures, the UAE’s total (nominal) GDP was USD 360.2 billion, the 30th largest in the world.

Its per capita GDP (USD 45,653) was, according to the Worldbank, the 21st largest in the world.