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These investors include New York's Rho Ventures and its Montreal affiliate and early investing Canadian firms Brightspark and Growthworks.Perhaps it is the hot and steamy milk bubbles in the plastic cup, or our Starbucks on every corner making us feel more cultured with drink specifics and pronunciations,“I want a tall, extra hot, nonfat, mocha macchiato with whip.”In either event, the coffee question seems to be an effective question or an icebreaker for a date. There have been studies that say coffee can increase your sex drive by stimulating part of the brain regulating arousal.BBC News reports, “Scientists from Southwestern University found caffeine increased the female libido”.So, in other words, if there is a romantic interest out there, maybe a cup of coffee is a good way to go. time: author: amteno I ordered and just received the Lipo-Den injections online.Scientists tested 108 rats giving them a moderate dose of caffeineand it wasn’t long before they ran back to their mates, “in the latest research, scientists gave 108 female rats a moderate dose of caffeine before a mating test to determine if the caffeine had any effect on female behavior.