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However, having a no strings attached relationship isn’t for everyone, as there are definitive downsides to this type of casual connection.1. If you’re involved in a no strings attached relationship, you risk developing feelings for this other person—feelings that won’t be reciprocated.

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Dumas was surprised that a professor of socialist history at U. Berkeley, of all people, was incredibly upset upon discovering his shenanigans.Dumas does not regret any of it: he has learned a lot and his lack of degree has not hurt his career in any way, since he has gone on to become an entrepreneur. Dumas stops short of recommending that other people also crash elite colleges.Between 20, Guillaume Dumas took courses at some of the best colleges in North America–Stanford, Yale, Brown, University of California Berkeley, Mc Gill, and University of British Columbia, among others–without being enrolled as a student.He then went on to start a successful online dating business in Montreal.What happened to the belief that sharing knowledge and great ideas should be free?” Attending these universities without actually graduating from any of them was also a kind of experiment to figure out what, exactly, a university degree can get you in life.“It seems crazy that even people who plan to become entrepreneurs or developers still obsess about where they will get their degree.”Degrees tend to matter more to big corporations with human-resources gatekeepers that vet resumes.But the economy is increasingly moving towards independent employment, in which people run their own businesses or offer services, like graphic design, consulting, or writing to other organizations.

Instead, he applied to La Salle College in Montreal and got in.

“I started college like every other 18-year-old,” he says.

“It’s what I thought I had to do.” But, like many other 18-year-olds, once he got there, he felt restless and unsure of what he wanted to do with his life. He liked taking psychology classes, but he was equally drawn to physics and philosophy.

He’s fascinated with Frank Abagnale, Jr., the greatest impersonator of our time, who assumed at least eight different identities including that of a pilot, a doctor, a U. Seeing how far he could take the ruse became a kind of game to him. For instance, showing up for a course at the beginning of the semester draws a lot less suspicion than showing up later on.

Also, it is always better to keep your unenrolled status a secret, because you can never tell who will be sympathetic or hostile to a freeloader.