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Dependency properties offer several benefits over regular CLR properties.

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A dependency property is exposed internally as a static field that is registered with the dependency property system.

Since data context is a dependency property and dependency properties inherit down the visual tree, we can set the data context of a container and intercept the data context’s inheritance.

NOTE: This post’s code was written for Windows Phone 7 and may or may not work with other versions of Silverlight or WPF.

One of the screens in the Windows Phone 7 app I’m currently working on (we’ll call it control–need to change their state based on a property of the parent screen (which is in turn manipulated by user input elsewhere in the app).

However, the default value for most dependency properties is Property Changed, while the Bindings that are Two Way or One Way To Source listen for changes in the target property and propagate them back to the source. Usually, these updates happen whenever the target property changes.

This is fine for check boxes and other simple controls, but it is usually not appropriate for text fields.