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Dream about dating an old man

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That dream was telling me to integrate someone with my brother's IT skills and someone I could trust like my brother into my team.

This one is super common and can make it difficult to face your co-worker the next day.

It's actually very common to have a girl-on-girl dream during pregnancy because there is nothing more female than carrying and giving life.

A male partner -- for a guy -- is often all about being assertive and manly!

For example, I had one of those dreams about my brother!

He's a computer wiz, and at the time I was trying to step up my website.

It could also very well be about a particular quality that stands about them ...

There's a magic rule to apply when figuring out your sex dreams: Pick three words that first come to mind when thinking of that person.

Of those three qualifiers, is there one that would benefit you right now if you were to incorporate it into your own personality? That's what that person represents and that's why you're having sex in the dream. You're not weird or creepy, and you don't ACTUALLY want to bone your best friend's boyfriend, your boss, or your brother.

which would mean it's that quality, not the person, that you need to merge into your own personality. ;-)Sometimes these dreams can be caused by societal pressure to be what is considered normal and acceptable, especially if you haven't come out yet.

But if you're out and proud, then these dreams are, again, either more about the typical qualities of the gender or about the particular qualities of your dream partner -- if you know them.