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We'll use this to predefine the particles and to draw the particles to the screen.
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You’re sizing each other up to decide who is going to be ‘boss’ of the relationship.

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while the later Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) was the first government to issue paper-printed money.

In the 8th century, papermaking spread to the Islamic world, where the process was refined, and machinery was designed for bulk manufacturing.

Production began in Samarkand, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Morocco, and then Muslim Spain.

In Baghdad, papermaking was under the supervision of the Grand Vizier Ja'far ibn Yahya.

Even today those who make paper by hand use tools and technologies quite similar to those existing hundreds of years ago, as originally developed in China and Asia, or those further modified in Europe.

The long fibers are layered to form strong, translucent sheets of paper.

Three traditional fibers are abaca, kozo and gampi.

Water is further removed from this sheet by pressing, sometimes aided by suction or vacuum, or heating.

Once dry, a generally flat, uniform and strong sheet of paper is achieved.