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But the most prevalent kind of D&O claim activity arising from these practices, however, has been shareholder derivative actions.

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So use a service like Tin Eye to do a reverse image search on potential suitor's profile photos.

What people write on social media profiles and what they write on their personal blog are two very different things!

Following the image theme, I recently picked up a really neat trick you can use to find people who are hotlinking your images.

Simply use the imagesearch: command in Google Images like this: imagesite:-site:(make sure you're searching google image search!

Whether it's testing process changes, or multivariate testing using Google Website Optimizer it's important to keep testing things.

Karl from Conversion Rate Experts gave a fantastic presentation in Munich at A4uexpo where he really demonstrated why testing radical changes is much better than changing little changes.

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It lets you send emails, access calendars and even create Google sites.2) Be Efficient Effective SEOs are efficient people (and efficient people are also effective SEOs I imagine? Rand wrote a fantastic post on using outsourcing to get things done which highlights the different tasks that you might be able to outsource and Will wrote a fantastic post on automating tasks (with a followup cheatsheet full of APIs). Write an "opening message" - full of humour and intelligence and wit (outsource this if you find it hard) which you can use to woo potential suitors.Anytime you find yourself doing the same task over and over again you should really stop and think about how you can do it more effectively. Online dating is a long slow process (at least for guys) and you'll need to message lots and lots of people in order to get dates (at least if you're as ugly as I am) so take the pain out of this process by automating the opening email.So next time you think you're posting something "anonomously" think again!Users will often use the same photo to sign up to loads of different sites.Think about which queries are triggering QDF algorithms in your industry. Some SEOs I've talked to recently still didn't even know there was such a thing as QDF so if you're in this space make the most of it and think about twitters of your URL like Rand says.