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I prefer British comedy over American, acoustic music over Lets see its hard to talk about myself. Im just a normal girl that likes to do normal things.
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We were shown some of Southwark’s hidden gems, and taken right past Banksy’s ‘Man and Dog’.On a few occasions, the clues really confused us, and we realised we were in the right place, but had made a wrong selection before solving the clue.It was clear he didn’t always get my quite dry, sarcastic sense of humour, and in the first hour or so there were definitely some very awkward moments where I made a joke only to have it greeted by complete silence!After a very awkward start, where we couldn’t really find the start of the hunt, he didn’t quite seem to grasp what was going on, and it began spitting with rain, we finally got ourselves set up and started.

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The One with the Sign had told me back on Date Two about a website called ‘In the Hidden City‘ where you sign up online to a treasure hunt, and they send you a series of texts containing clues.

) And then he tried to get me to give him money for his beer, It was all really quite weird, and when the Exhibitionist returned, it got even stranger, with the man, who appeared to be a well-dressed tramp asking the Exhibitionist rather nonsensically if we were ‘woman and bus-man’???

He tried to get money off The Exhibitionist, and for a worried second I genuinely thought he was going to square up to fight The Exhibitionist.

A slightly frustrating part of the treasure hunt was the company’s obvious coalition with random pubs and cafes in the area.

The pubs didn’t appear to have been chosen for any reason other than business motives, as some of them were very unimpressive, and simply a venue where the hunt forced you to spend a 30-minute break before you would be sent the next clue. The guy looked like a backpacker, and I wondered if perhaps he was doing the same hunt as us.