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Just look up what you want in this table in the user manual and use it to fill in the blanks in the Explicit Ethernet/IP instruction.If you need any help, contact Automation Direct’s Free Award Winning Tech Support during regular business hours – they will be happy to help you. There are lots of folks there that love to share their years of experience.We are talking to a new device and while we could use the built-in Ether Net/IP device for this, it is alwyas better to get in the habit of creating a new Do-more Device for each new piece of hardware – that’s so the Do-more device doesn’t have to manage multiple TCP/IP connections which can slow down your code.

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The first thing you see is a list of all the things you can monitor and control on the SR55 Soft Starter via Ether Net/IP.

If you post something offensive on a private Facebook page, that’s a very different standard of judgment.

After this, why would any prospective student take the risk of posting anything remotely edgy?

This is where we put the codes we send to the Soft Starter.

Page 5-17 of the soft starter user manual has a chart that shows us all the code we need. We told the instruction to only execute on the leading edge, but I like to do it here just to remind myself that was the intent.