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”, all capitals, ie; “GAME OF THRONES”, or repetition, such as talking about going to the ocean at both the beginning, and the end of her profile.

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I’m only interested in women with the potential to become my intellectual and spiritual partner over the long term. That’s about that may or may not end up splashed in my face!

But, interest-based pay-per-click ads remove the privacy shroud and deliver insight into her intellectual and spiritual nature at 75 cents per click.

Demographically, ads targeted single women ages 28 to 34 within 25 miles of Tempe. My html skills are weak and Facebook’s i Frame bug is weaker.

Plus, users maintain grip on their Facebook security blanket when: A) an ad doesn’t include a fishy third-party URL, and B) the landing page keeps the Facebook URL and header. Why not just use Match, e Harmony, or some other dating site? In five days, my campaign drove 30 clicks and 5 leads via contact form for .39.

On April 2, I launched a Facebook ad campaign designed to find me a date.

Three reasons: In five days, my campaign drove 30 clicks and 5 leads via contact form for .39.What are the ethical ramifications of the campaign? Are there privacy implications of interest-based targeting?What about eyes romantically locking from across a crowded room? Thanks to Match, e Harmony, and others, America has come to accept attraction-based singles marketing.Soulful Encounters disabled dating site has been featured many times in the media - Learn more here Soulful Encounters disabled dating site has many happy members - Learn more here Soulful Encounters has several disabled dating success stories - Soulful Encounters is proudly scammer free!Our members are carefully screened to ensure our site remains scammer free. At first meeting, a woman is like a Facebook profile with her privacy settings too high.