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Any mention of the lies they’ve told makes them feel uncomfortable, so they like to quickly take the attention off of themselves and bring up a more neutral topic.

Usually, they make this quite obvious so that you will start to get frustrated, which makes their whole scheme even more fun to them.

For example, maybe you feel that your friend stole money from your wallet when you set down your purse to throw something away.

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To find out if they may have secretly been pulling the wool over your eyes, look out for the following signs next time you see them in person.

People who tell the truth will act calm when put on the spot, and will offer logical explanations about their behavior.

Meanwhile, liars have to deal with all the turmoil they’ve created, and must justify it to avoid caving under all the guilt.

With an experienced liar, they might not show any signs of guilt because they have gotten used to living in a lie.

However, if you start grilling them with questions, they might eventually crack under the pressure.