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This is because Alaska was acquired from Russia separately after the mainland US had mostly been colonized; indigenous Alaskans represent not one but many groups, both “Native American” and Inuit (see below). After confederation in 1867, the new Dominion of Canada enlarged its territory via a succession of Numbered Treaties between 18; these 11 treaties between the reigning British monarch and the “First Nations” living in the relevant area effectively divide a great portion of Canadian territory west of Quebec into 11 treaty areas.

The 614 “First Nation bands” covered by these treaties ceded their territory in exchange for rights to reserved land, medical care, open access to hunting, exemptions from many Canadian taxes, and other benefits.

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Equivalent terms continue to be common, if old-fashioned, in some other European languages (e.g.

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The Métis are an ethnic group from Western Canada derived from a mixture of European (often French Canadian) culture and Aboriginal (often Cree, Ojibway and related groups).

The KEB has a 12-member Board of Directors that is made-up of representatives from the four (4) Anishinabek Regional Education Councils.

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Our traditional name is Wahnapitaeping "That place where the water is shaped like a molar tooth".

Our vision for this website is to provide information to our band members, stakeholders and others interested in our community.