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Discoloration haloes in younger rocks tend to be smaller and less intense than in older rocks, indicating that the zone of crystal damage increases with time.From these observations early attempts were made to use the dimensions of haloes as an age dating technique.Figure 1 shows a typical discoloration halo around a radioactive mineral inclusion in the mineral pyroxene.The zone of damage is roughly spherical around a central mineral inclusion or radioactive source.This was never fully successful as the size/intensity of an observed damage halo was also a function of the abundance of radionuclides present in the inclusion, and the crystalline structure of the host mineral. First is his contention that the granitic rocks from which samples reportedly came constitute the "primordial" crust of the Earth.

Certain minerals, such as zircon and monazite, which form as common trace constituents in igneous rocks, have crystal structures which can accommodate varying amounts of the naturally occurring radioactive elements, uranium and thorium.

Gentry has spent most of his professional life studying the nature of very small discoloration features in mica and other minerals, and concluded that they are proof of a young Earth.

Geologists classify rocks into three main categories - sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic - based on the way in which they form.

When burial pressures and temperatures get too great, the rocks melt completely, becoming new igneous rocks.

To fully understand Gentry's hypothesis a basic background in geology, mineralogy, and radiation physics is helpful.