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It also includes genetic artificial life games, where players manages populations of creatures over several generations.

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End up getting bigger and bigger bottles of this product. Has an odor that isn't as mild as one would think, but it goes away (or you get used to it) fairly quickly.

Didn't leave a sticky residue like some other brands are known for; however, it shows up as spots on my light colored sheets... This I the first lubricant I've ever experienced and I didn't like it.

I have ordered this over and over because it happens to be the best lubricant I have found.

Even trying different brands to see if they might work better because it was cheaper.

Scanning of destinations can be approximate or specific without it throwing a paddy.

Planning of long or short journeys, with or without additional stops, is a doddle.

App Google Maps (4 stars) Available on i OS, Android This is the one we’re most familiar with for guidance, whether you’re on foot or wheels. It’s clear to view and simple to set up and use with a few extra features that you don’t pay extra for.

App Navmii (3 stars) Available on i OS, Android, Windows This free version of Navmii also gives real-time traffic and hazard information.

Screen and directions are clear and easily navigable, though estimations of city arrival times can be less than accurate.

Our Turn On water-based lube is perfect for anyone looking for a clean and undeniably sexy approach to personal lubrication.

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