People 10 types of women to avoid dating

Normally these meetings can be very difficult and expensive to arrange.

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Here is how the vast majority of women size up a man right after they first make his acquaintance: Before you remotely think about criticizing women for placing us men into these four different categories, be honest with yourself. When most men first meet women, we too ‘size them up’ in four similar categories: If a man wants to engage in short-term non-monogamous sex with a woman who much more prefers to engage in long-term monogamous sex, and he is able to persuade her to agree to his interests rather than him give in to her interests, this would be an example of a man ‘gaming’ a woman.

So anytime a male friend describes a man as ‘having game,’ this usually means that this man knows how to get women to give in to his desires, interests, and intentions rather than him give in to a woman’s desires, interests, and intentions.

I’ve known guys who have just gotten out of relationships, meet a girl they think is pretty and then realize they’re not in the best place to commit to a full relationship.

The pretty girl, seeing that the guy is shy, takes initiative and asks him to dinner. They basically said, “I’m still hurting over my ex, but you’re hot, so I’ll totally do you, as my physical needs aren’t being met on the regular anymore.”So what’s the easiest way to avoid being seen as a pig? Throwing in something like, “But I’ll hook up with you,” makes it seem like you’re doing her a favor.

I’ve gone along with guys who just want a causal, friends-with-benefits thing, and it winds up being all about them and their needs. Yes, I know there are sexually selfish women out there, too. I find that one-sided sexual activity isn’t much fun.

As mentioned many times, when I was younger, I mistakenly assumed that the vast majority of women were ‘WYSIWYG’ types (‘What You See is What You Get’).

I have found there are two types of ‘gaming’ that go on. and a second type is dishonest, misleading and manipulative.

: Brian wants to engage in short-term non-monogamous sex with Brenda, and he tells her that upfront, specifically, and straightforwardly.

I believed if a woman presented herself as ‘prudish’ and ‘monogamy-oriented,’ that she genuinely was this way.

I believed if a woman presented herself as non-materialistic and anything but shallow and superficial, that she genuinely was this way. The first clue that my way of thinking was invalid was when I watched a porn film entitled starring a male adult film legend by the name of John Leslie as a slacker womanizer named ‘Jack.’ In the opening scene of that film, Leslie is at the beach with his good friend Lenny (Adult Film Actor Richard Pacheco), and Lenny ends up suffering a twisted ankle sprain.