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As long as you have insane numbers of attractive performers, then the site can be awful in every other respect and still turn a profit.
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Not every business or venture will make you money, but you must always learn from your mistakes and most importantly, you must always believe in yourself and enjoy the journey.When you believe in yourself, it gives you a sense of fearlessness, because you know even if you lose one time, you will start again and win five-fold.We have a lot of websites in Kenya, do you think they are fully optimized? I am happy to say that being an online site, I have not encountered it as much as many of my ‘offline’ business friends. My worst mistake is thinking that no one else can do a better job than I can. I have quickly realized there are SOME things I am amazing at and other that are better handed to more qualified people.Let’s just say we are getting a lot better and it’s exciting to see some of the sites popping up across Kenya. But when I do, I always smile at the person and say I will look at reviewing this with my lawyers. What is the worst mistake you have made as an entrepreneur? I have made a few, in fact, I often make the same ones over and over again. Don’t let your ego or passion to be in control of your product override the quality of the work. Ohh, and don’t forget to always have a mentor to help guide you, this really help when you need to ask for help or keep the pressure on yourself.After all, singles join dating sites to meet other singles.But when you start an online dating business you need to start with one person and grow from there.The dating app has more than 13 million users in the world.One of the features that attract users to the app is the five-minute video dates.

While other smaller cities in rural areas that are not exposed to the fast paced city life have a more reserved and conservative culture. The biggest challenge was trying to keep my members happy and ensure there was enough interaction on the site.I grew up in a single parent household, due to the sad loss of my father in a road accident.My mother raised four boys alone, all under the age of 6.Ian Isherwood is a serial entrepreneur who has a deep passion for all things business.His strong belief in building relationships lead him to start Kenya’s largest premium dating website – Just as long as the business continues to grow I am happy. I also spend over one year researching online dating site across the world, I even travelled to Singapore for three months to talk to experts and see what works, what didn’t etc.