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For something as life-changing and important as marriage, life may throw at you; however, the more time you spend getting to know your partner before entering into a marriage relationship, the more smoothly you can move through the difficult times when they come.

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Once people find out Susie and George went to Wendy’s and shared a meal together, the church ladies begin planning her bridal shower.

Pre-engagement is the period of decision; it is the fork in the road between, “Do we go our separate ways? ” Once couples are engaged, the decision has a sense of finality – with the exception of a few couples who decide it is best to break their engagement.

Many couples enter into the engagement stage without spending enough time in the pre-engaged, or decision, stage.

After the initial intoxicating attraction turns to engagement, it is still unlikely that a couple is going to fully discuss many important topics. This is the time when a couple really believes that they could be heading for marriage, but wisely decide to look at their relationship from all sides before deciding to get engaged.

In almost every wedding I’ve ever attended, I’ve heard the pastor say that marriage is a holy (set apart) institution, not to be entered into lightly – it is a vow unto the Lord until death.